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An UnCommon Farewell by Deborah Callahan

An Uncommon Farewell
How to Honor the Loss of Your Loved One in the Time of Pandemic

  • What to do when a loved one dies and the world is social distancing?

  • When a traditional religious service no longer fits?

  • How to include friends and family members when it’s not safe to travel?

In lieu of putting it off altogether, my book gives options for creating a highly personal, non-denominational celebration of life or memorial service. I lay out options you may have never thought to include and provide prompts to spark our own creativity. With samples of and links to every genre of music, poems, prayers and even instructions on how to write a eulogy, this book will save you many hours, if not days of searching the internet.

For those who have recently lost someone during this time of social distancing, An Uncommon Farewell gives options and sparks ideas on how to create a personalized, socially distanced remembrance ceremony. With links to Youtube music videos (ebook only), instructions on how to structure a basic memorial service, guidance on how to craft a eulogy, poems, prayers and words of comfort, this book is a wonderful healing touchstone for anyone in the beginning of their grief journey.

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